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Tomi's Painting Style
"I am an expressionist painter" says Tomi Kobara, " My work is a direct, straight-forward response to the subject matter approached with an intuitive passion. An impression yes, but hopefully expressed in a contemporary fashion.

I do interpret with some degree of exaggeration in color and reality. I love to use texture and bold brushwork to allow the viewer to experience the excitement of the moment I felt. Move back and hopefully a rich perspective will come into focus. Everyday, everywhere in my life is a visual, changing encounter for me, as it is for you as well!"

About The Artist You wouldn`t know by meeting with this petite and sweet "80 something" woman that she has started city cultural festivals, grown senior centers, and helped turn around fledgling art associations. You wouldn`t know that this mother of 4, and grandmother of 8 is a phenomenal chef where a California restaurant and a Costa Rican resort based their menus on her recipes, and that she is a practicing Zen martial artist and a sought after interior designer.

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